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Overview | Features
  1. Share documents internally with employees, management teams, specific departments, etc.
  2. Why email the same set of files numerous times? Invite outside organizations to view, download and/or upload a specific set of files within your TMT.
  3. Document sharing. Uses familiar File Manager features to organize folders and files.
Storage and Security
  1. Store your documents online and retrieve them anywhere, anytime using only an internet connection.
  2. All files are backed up daily, backups are stored offsite. Reliability of critical data is further enhanced by mirrored RAID hardware.
  3. File transfers are encrypted for end-to-end security.
  4. Only those you authorize are able to access your documents.
Version Management
  1. Restrict user capabilities such on deleting, uploading and downloading documents.
Task Management
  1. Create and assign tasks to Team Members with details and deadlines.
  2. Email notifications are sent and the tasks appear on the users home page.
  3. Recipients can check off completed tasks and enter a completion date.
  4. Full task management interface to view/edit completed and un-completed tasks.
  1. Keep your company or project team informed and up-to-date.
  2. Not only will the bulletin be available on the home page, but an email will be automatically generated and sent to the appropriate people.
  3. Format the bulletins with an HTML editor.
  4. Set start and expiry dates to ensure timely messages.
Support Case
  1. Create support cases that are tracked by the entire team.
  2. Assign responsibilities, priorities and status.
  3. Create bulletins and status reports.
  4. Capture all resolutions in the database for future reference.
New Education
Management System
  1. Create classes complete with invitations to join the class and a password issued to each member.
  2. Bulletins are sent to the entire class.
  3. Training documents are available to the class members in the online library.
  4. Create multi-question evaluations for students to fill out online.
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