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The HRT suite of Tools is used to keep track of all the employees, contractors, and personnel in the company. The Tool is designed to keep a database for HR to record contact information, system permissions, employee information, employment history, employee reviews, and HR notes files.

Benefits to your company are:
  • Fully Web-Based
  • Share, Manage Employee Contacts
  • Manage System User Access
  • Fast and Easy Implementation
  • Simple yet Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Secure and Private with Daily Backup
  • Skype© Compatible
  • What makes the Human Resources Tool (HRT) different and why should I be interested?

    Because the HRT is Internet based it is accessed directly from your own company website or a separate web address will be created for you and your company's use as a subscriber. The Human Resources Tool costs less money and offers less risks and more support than competitive products and/or services. The HRT was specifically designed to run on the Internet in a highly secure manner for businesses to confidently manage human resources in a professional manner.

    The HRT is also Skype™ compatible. This means you have the ability to look up a contact and click on the Skype™ link to Skype the person directly. The Skype feature makes the use of Skype easier which means your company will save money on communication bills. Anything you can do to make the workflow easy and faster can save time and money.

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