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CRM/SFA Management Tools  Contact Management Tool? Overview Tools
Overview | Features
  1. NEW! Copy and Paste contacts for rapid entry
  2. Assign contacts to accounts
  3. Advanced search and filtering capabilities
  4. View contact details with a complete history of notes, appointments, and opportunities
  5. Categorize your contacts
  6. Add Notes, appointments and/or opportunities with each contact. Details below.
  1. Track opportunities and sales potentials with contacts
  2. Assign potential values to your opportunities. i.e. From "We know the opportunity exists - 5%" to "Contract completed - 100%"
  3. Download opportunities into Excel to generate reports
  4. Create and manage territories
  5. Manage the entire sales effort
  1. Calendar with day, week, month and year views
  2. Schedule Critical Reminders/Appointments
  3. Export/Download appointments into address book (vCalendar format)
  4. Download all upcoming appointments into Excel
  5. Schedule appointments for others. Useful for Administrative Assistants.
  1. Assign tasks for yourself, or for others in your company
  2. Categorize and prioritize all tasks
  3. Generate reports using the advanced search
  4. Automated emails on assigned tasks and important status updates
  5. Record a complete history of each task
  1. Keep a complete history of each contact using the notes feature.
  2. Search past notes. All notes are time stamped.
  3. Format your notes with the HTML Editor
New Contract Management
  1. System designed for legal dept. administrators, project managers, accounting and finance.
  2. Track expiration dates, start and end dates, signature dates, reminders
  3. Upload/download documents
New Asset Management
  1. Keep track of all assets in company
  2. Purchase, value, insurance, warranty info
  3. Check in/check out feature
  4. Service history
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