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TMT Strategy Center

This enterprise level system is a Tool for managing corporate initiatives, programs, and projects. The system ties projects and programs to account records and contact records for single entry record keeping. The system is used for creating a Team or community for people to work together securely.

The Strategy Center also makes it possible to make the Team from people inside your company and outside your company such as contractors and customers. The system provides document sharing for collaborative workflow, bulletins for Team communication and permanent records of those communications, and Task Management for assigning tasks to Team Members and reporting the progress of the Tasks. Essentially the system is a way to socialize your business with chosen participants.

Program/Project Home Page
This page is the listing of all the managed business projects, programs, or initiatives (such as research projects, marketing programs, and infrastructure upgrades). The page is used to quickly see how many tasks are outstanding for the company, and the activity of the projects in regards to the total number of bulletins.
Task Management
Task management is a simplified project management system, with many of the features found in major project management software. This system takes tasking to new level by adding the ability for program managers to assign tasks to people outside of the company such as customers and contractors. All Team Members can login to their Team account and see their tasks, edit the status, share and collaborate on documents and files, and interact with other Team Members. The system enables the administrator to assign specific permissions to access milestone reports, documents, tasks and bulletins.
File Sharing
File sharing is managed by the content management system built into the Strategy Center. This system is designed specifically to look and function similar to Windows File Manager. The system assigns permissions to specific individuals to be able to add, edit, and delete documents.
Bulletins are a simple single purpose feature used to get the word out to the Team. Bulletins have many potential uses such welcoming new Team Members, announcing upcoming meetings with dial-in details, and a periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) report on the progress of the Team to achieve its goals and objectives. Bulletins are saved in the database for future reference.
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