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News Release March 16, 2007

Technical Toolboxes Canada Releases MyCompany Toolbox Version 3.5

Calgary, AB, March 16, 2007 – Technical Toolboxes Canada, Ltd. released the enterprise business process software, MyCompany Toolbox version 3.5. The new version has the following new systems, business utilities, and Tools:

  1. Contract Management Module (CMM) is used to keep track of all company contracts. The CMM is used to follow directly after a sale is closed and the contract is drafted and signed. CMM reminds the legal department, contract management personnel, and business managers of the expiration dates, contract value, start and end dates, contract status and signature dates. The system also enables the user to upload electronic versions of the contract, spreadsheets, and other documents to support the contract.

  2. Asset Management Tool (AMT) is used to keep track of all the assets in the company. The Tool is designed to keep a database for assets to record purchase price, manufacturer, make, model, serial number, insurance information, warranty information, notes, check in check out, and service history.

  3. The Human Resource Tool (HRT) is used to keep track of all the employees, contractors, and personnel in the company. The Tool is designed to keep a database for HR to record contact information, system permissions, employee information, employment history, employee reviews, and HR notes files.

The system is web-based and delivered through a secure website with login and password protection of all data and communications on the system. The system setup is self-serve on the website and TTC is standing by to assist with the setup via telephone, Skype, or email.

There is a current consciousness that well managed data is important to business success. Version 3.5 gives all enterprises, large or small the ability to manage assets, contracts, and HR at a professional level. The system provides easy-to-use Tools or features for business process automation, reporting, and communication. All information is stored in a single corporate database. The MyCompany Toolbox is uniquely designed to give the Enterprise the ability to socialize and manage the business in order to create an open business environment and provide a richer experience for the customers and employees alike. The system is designed for all enterprises large and small who are looking to automate their business processes.

Technical Toolboxes Canada, Ltd. is a software development company with a focus on Business Process Automation (BPA), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and other business automation opportunities.

Contact Information:
Tom West
Technical Toolboxes Canada, Ltd.
Suite 20, 3515 – 27th Street N.E.
Calgary, AB  T1Y 5E4 Canada
Tel: +1 403 235-3495 x201
Email: twest@ttoolboxes.ca
Skype: ttcskype01


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