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TMT Education and Training Management (EMS)

This Tool is an enterprise level system for managing corporate training. The system ties external training or customer training to account records for single entry record keeping. The system is used for creating permanent training records of everyone involved in a class such as students, managers, and trainers. The system has an evaluation system built in that creates custom evaluation forms and captures the results of the evaluation for professional business analysis and reporting.

You may have read the press release announcing the new system, click here.

Home Page
The Home Page is designed to inform the viewer of who is the company manager responsible for the class, the instructor, start and end dates and a description of the class. The page also has a listing of recent bulletins and outstanding tasks related to the class.
Team Management
This feature is a system for adding Team Members to the class and for setting system permissions so Team Members can administer the class, share class documents, create and fill out evaluations, and send bulletins to the class.
This feature provides an online evaluation form that your students and trainees can fill out immediately and consistently. All the evaluations are captured and saved for analysis and reporting. The system has an editor built-in for creating and modifying evaluations and has the following evaluation types: Text, Memo, Notes, Radio Buttons, Checkbox, Drop down list, and List box.


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