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Case Study: TechCorr International
TechCorr Logo

TechCorr is our first subscriber and have been using the MyCompany Toolbox (MCT) since 2005. TechCorr was the first customer to brand the MCT as their own TechCorr Toolbox.

This Case Study is to describe how TechCorr managed 500% annual growth with the help of the MCT over the last year+ and some frank comments about the company?s experience with the modules, systems, and Tools in the TechCorr Toolbox.

TechCorr is a mid-sized plant and pipeline inspection company headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations in USA, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Africa. TechCorr has over 250 employees world-wide and offers a complete suite of inspection and engineering analysis services. Plant and pipeline customers rely on TechCorr for all inspection needs for: on-stream (resident), turnaround, quality assurance, and capital projects. TechCorr?s field tested technology, proven implementation process, NDT methods and strategies have been developed to detect and prevent the compromise of critical company assets.

TechCorr?s inspection services involve material testing and examination of structures to ensure that the materials, components, and fabricated installations meet required specifications. Nondestructive evaluation provides information on the integrity and homogeneity of materials. Mobile inspection facilities enable these services to be undertaken at any location worldwide.

  • TechCorr has specialized in serving the following industries:
  • Oil and Gas Refining
  • Hydrocarbon Processing and Petrochemical
  • Pipeline and Facilities
  • Exploration and Production (both On and Offshore)
  • Power Generation (including Nuclear)
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining
  • Utilities and Structures
  • Fabrication and Construction

TechCorr’s mission is to provide safe, high quality solutions to assist in the preservation of critical company assets, reduce liability and to ensure continued operations that comply with industry regulations in a cost effective manner.

Given TechCorr’s business and mission, we will go through a few of the ways they are using the MyCompany Toolbox (TechCorr Toolbox) to set themselves apart from the operations and business process management of many other companies. There are four key functional areas of the business that TechCorr uses the Toolbox: Business Development, Project Operations, Business Operations and Human Resource Management, and Asset Management.

Larry Peterson is the Business Development Manager and he mainly uses the system to help him serve his world-wide customer base. Larry is a long time Act!™ user and when he came on board with TechCorr he had several contacts he was able to upload and integrate into the TechCorr Toolbox. The TechCorr Toolbox not only enables Larry to work with his world-wide customer base but also his world-wide business development staff. Larry knows every opportunity and every change and update to the pipeline. Larry puts it best with his comment,

Larry Peterson

“The TechCorr Toolbox gives us the ability to have the quickest and most efficient sales meetings I have ever experienced. We are all able to see the sales pipeline in real-time, and we are able to use Skype at the same time, all in one package. The Toolbox saves each of us between 5 and 15 hours per week and helps us to keep our paperwork straight. I like the reports that I can create for territory totals, individual performance, industry and segment totals, and other reports only limited by the imagination.”

Larry is also a key person for providing feedback on the system and has been very influential with the present version of the product.

“TTC listens to their customers, it shows in the richness of the TechCorr Toolbox, several of the features were discussed at length with the TTC developers and are now part of the latest version.”

Steve Alley is the Director of Operations for TechCorr’s Pipeline Division. The TechCorr operations range all over the world and with the TechCorr Toolbox Steve is able to keep it all together. Steve uses the Contact Management Tool to keep track what projects are coming up and to hire the right people to do the job. Steve is also a heavy user of the Teamwork Management Tool to control and monitor all the projects in the enterprise. The ability to build Teams from both inside and outside the company makes Steve’s job easier with all the communication features built-in to Toolbox. Steve made some observations,

“Toolbox gives me more control of the bottom line of the company, are we delivering our projects on-time, on-budget, and to the satisfaction of our customers. I can say that the tasking features help us to keep the crew on task, focused on the task at hand. We also accompany the Toolbox with Microsoft Project and look forward to the day when you can make it all included. The milestone feature in the Toolbox helps us to keep on track with our invoicing, we are currently working with TTC developers to build in a project management system that will be integrated into Toolbox"

Steve Alley

"The last part of our focus of ensuring customer satisfaction is taken care of by the Case Management System. We use CMS to support all information processes, whether it be data review or assessment reporting. The system is so well received by our clients that it is now a requirement on several of the latest contracts. Field technicians can review the specifications of the projects without the barriers of typical communication methods. The system handles the difficulty of daily reporting to the simplicity of client contact information. A huge advantage for us in operations is our ability to create on-line inspection data and information libraries. We save hours of time by no longer having to create media copies of the data and shipping it via courier. Bottom line is the entire process from a single pipeline excavation to a 1000 mile survey can be handled inside the Toolbox.”

Vincent Summa is the President of the company with responsibilities for sales, executive management, financial accountability. business operations and human resources (HR). Vincent built the business over the last five years from a single person doing the sales, marketing, and the work itself to a company with 250+ employees and over $25 million in sales. The Toolbox has evolved with TechCorr’s business through the years and continues to develop to support plant and pipeline inspection business.

Contact management and opportunity management have always been a concern for TechCorr as they grew the business.

The Contract Management feature gives TechCorr the ability to manage their hundreds of purchase contracts with all aspects searchable and readily accessible, like having your own legal clerk on staff. With the plant and pipeline inspection business being increasingly regulated it is important to manage contracts and the corporate HR program. Vincent shared with us some of his thoughts,

Vincent Summa

“TechCorr now has the ability to keep track of Employee information, system permissions, employment information, employee reviews, and employee file notes. Because of strict DOT regulations we need to keep on top of all HR information and can’t afford to staff the function with a full time dedicated HR department, the TechCorr Toolbox gives us the means to track important HR issues. We are working with TTC developers to add a full set of features that will cover all aspects of the plant and pipeline requirements.”

Erik Shoup is the TechCorr Assets Manager. TechCorr has hundreds of delicate instruments and highly calibrated inspection devices that Erik has to manage all aspects of maintenance, custody, certification, warranty validation, insurance requirements, and purchase information. In addition to the information recorded for each asset, we created a check in and check out system to record the utilization history.

The Service History is also recorded to complete the records. Erik reflected on the system that we co-developed with TechCorr,

“The Asset Management Tool is a simple system that we can use to manage all the assets in the company wherever they are in our company, whether it be Texas or Nigeria. We worked closely with TTC to develop the system as it is today and continue to work with TTC to add features such as photo upload and bar code integration.”

Erik Shoup

If you have any questions about TechCorr or how TechCorr uses the MCT, please call (+1 713-524-2768) or email Mr. Vincent Summa.


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