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This system provides easy to use Tools for managing a support program. The system provides all the basic communications that are needed to report changes in case status, changes in personnel assigned to the cases, and controls that are available for both the customer and the support Team. This system keeps all the stakeholders informed and working "side by side" to solve support issues and all cases are recorded for future reference. The system enables companies to manage product support and customer care like never before, you can now reach out to the customer directly and fix requests and make everyone a part of the solution.

The system complies with many support contracts that dictate specific response times, severity levels, and record keeping.

Home Page
The first page you see is the account page with a high level of the account status. outstanding tasks and recent bulletins. This gives you a snapshot of the support being conducted on behalf of the account. This is the same page that everyone on the Team sees, both customer and co-worker.
Team Management
Support Team Management The system gives you the full power to add, edit, or delete the Support Team. The system allows you to go outside of the company to be able to include customers, contractors, financiers, and other third party program Team Member
Case List
This is a powerful organizing Tool that enables the site manager and administrator to organize the Cases by date, Case No., Subject, Status, Priority, or the person the case is assigned to. This makes a perfectly polarizing window to conduct status meetings and to be able to update the status, revise Case information, and officially close Cases. Case reporting creates spreadsheet formatted reports that give the support program managers the ability to see every case in the entire company and the status of the cases.
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